How to use FaceTime on the iPad

We are going to configure a Mac as a home security camera that will open a live video stream on demand which can be watched remotely from anywhere via an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or another Mac. Once the Mac has chosen to auto-accept FaceTime calls from the email address in question, you can test out the security camera. Hang up the FaceTime call at any time to close the video feed. As mentioned earlier, it may be best to create a unique Apple ID specifically for the recipient Mac. Older devices can use Personal Hotspot to circumvent the FaceTime wi-fi limitation if it applies to their version of iOS, but that does not exist in modern versions of iOS. FaceTime works on just about any Mac, iPhone, or iPad, so even if the version is a bit different and the interface is slightly different to initiate the call to the video camera on the Mac, it will still work. Just be sure you open a FaceTime video chat. Email Related Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:

Is it rude to FaceTime someone out the blue?

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My iPhone is full because of my photos, what do I do? I only have 4GB of storage left which is slowing it down and at times I can’t download apps because there’s no room left. About 23GB is taken up by photos and I want to delete some but every now and then I go through my phone and delete a few hundred I have thousands and I don’t want to delete the rest. I want to have them on my phone so I can show friends photos every now and then but I have way too many and I want to know if there’s a way around this.

Is there some sort of program or app that will let me save the photos from my phone somewhere else Like my computer but I’ll still be able to access them from my phone if I want to? Mickey Mouse All you have to do is hook the phone up to your computer and you should be able to access the photos. Just take them off and put them into a folder on your computer and delete most of them from your phone. Keep maybe 50 of the most important ones so you can leave room to take more, and have lots of room left over on your phone.

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Tap the search bar in the upper center of the screen. Type the name of the contact you’d like to call. Tap the phone button on the far right. It looks like a telephone receiver.

May 03,  · If you want to add other Apple ID’s or even a phone number to automatically accept FaceTime video calls from, feel free to do so by running the above command again with additional email addresses. Phone numbers must be prefixed with a + like so: +

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How to FaceTime Someone From a Computer

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Apple’s FaceTime video calling is perhaps one of their most used features. It lets people with iPhones, iPads, and Macs make easy video calls to one another. You can’t make FaceTime calls from Android, but there are several other ways to make video calls—even to iPhone and Mac users.

With Gallery View, you can quickly locate a file by how it looks. Dark Mode adds a dramatic new look to your desktop and apps that puts the focus on your content. Dynamic Desktop makes your Mac even more beautiful with two time-shifting desktop pictures that match the time of day wherever you are. And Stacks keeps your desktop free of clutter by automatically organizing your files, images, documents, PDFs, and more into tidy groups.

Spotlight helps you quickly and effortlessly find what you want, like documents on your Mac, movie showtimes, and flight departure and arrival times. Just type a few keystrokes in the Spotlight search field and autocomplete immediately shows you relevant results. Siri helps you get things done just by using your voice. It also helps you get more things done at the same time. Looking for the presentation you worked on last week?

Your Mac works with your other Apple devices in ways no other computer can. If you get a call on your iPhone, you can take it on your Mac.

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Yuvraj Wadhwani June 29, , It lets people with iPhones, iPads, and Macs make easy video calls to one another. However, there are several great video calling alternatives that do work on Android. A word of advice. Instead of trying your luck with those apps, there are some solid video calling apps available for Android. But, you can use them to make video calls to people using iPhones, Android phones, and even other platforms.

They just have to have the same app installed on their device. Owned by Microsoft, Skype was one of the first video call apps to become mainstream. Google Hangouts not only lets you make video calls, you can have a full-on video conference with multiple people. Google Duo is only available for Android and iOS. It only supports one-to-one video calls, but you can make them over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections. Google Duo also offers a couple of neat features. Did you know that you can make video calls using Facebook Messenger?

You can, and you can use the feature on pretty much any operating system.

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