Jon Hamm Thinks That Don Draper Would Be Dead Today

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Men have modeled themselves after leading man Don Draper, famous for knocking boots with pretty much every female character introduced on the show. She can be pretty, plain, old or young — Don Draper is on the case. And he seals the deal every time. But fellas, Don is not the one you want to be imitating, not at all. You want to be like Roger Sterling — the silver fox who headed up the original Sterling Cooper Agency.

His techniques are often contrary to what Don Draper does, which explains how they work so well.

Psychologist and eharmony’s dating and relationship expert, Sharon Draper explains the commonplace, toxic myths that are negatively impacting our relationships with our partner and ourselves.

With a Twitter and Tumblr dedicated solely to Mr. A man like Don Draper, who remains elusive and mysterious, can tug at your heart strings in more ways than one. She’s analyzed and seen nearly every personality imaginable. An expert in identifying the Don Drapers, Peter Campbells and Roger Sterlings of the world, she had great insight into the question: His dating profile will be short, intriguing and leave you wanting more. A man like this lets his sophistication and allure speak for itself.

As private as he probably is, it’s a surprise that he even created a dating profile to begin with.

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To celebrate the season’s finale this weekend, check out these imaginary online dating profiles for everyone from Draper to Joan Holloway to that creep Harry Crane. We’ll get along just fine if you don’t ask me about my past and if you don’t expect me to keep it in my pants. C’mon, look at this size of this thing—I couldn’t contain that if I tried. I’m a complicated man with a complicated history filled with complicated relationships.

A lot of complicated relationships. But none are with my secretary, so there’s that. Who I’m Looking For: Not too big on monogamy? Want your life to have a bit of an Agatha Christie feel? I used to be a model. Now I’m a trophy: Pretty, cool to the touch, not easily won. I need a man who loves me for me, not just my Grace Kelly-like appearance.

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On July 19, we were introduced to Don Draper, a catalyst in the high-intensity world that is New York advertising. We traveled with him as he navigated family life, several high-priority business accounts, and his own psyche.

The Don Draper portrayer sure does move on fast! Earlier this month it was confirmed that he and Jennifer Westfeldt had indeed broken up , after an 18 year long relationship. One would think that after being with someone for nearly two decades — you would need some time to cope with the break-up. But, Jon Hamm is apparently just fine … and has already moved on! Despite his recent break-up, Jon Hamm was all smiles when he took the stage at the Emmy Awards to accept his very first Mad Men Emmy.

Afterwards, Jon partied the night away and celebrated his win — with his co-star January Jones by his side. Now, the Internet is buzzing with rumors that January Jones and Jon Hamm might actually have taken their love off-screen and could be dating in real life, or at least hooking up. We never thought he and Jennifer Westfeldt would break up, and that happened, so anything is possible.

And, how could we forget about those rumors that he was hooking up with his other Mad Men co-star Elizabeth Moss? Is there chance he really is hooking up with January? Is that why he and Jennifer broke up? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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I’d been with one person for 32 years, so going out was shiny and hyper-real. But after a while, dating became sitting around Starbucks listening to some guy in software sales lament his failed relationships. But after a while, dating became sitting around Starbucks listening to some guy in software sales lament his failed relationships while consuming calories per ounce chai latte.

I didn’t realize most relationships have a “honeymoon phase” after which people devolve into themselves. Sometimes after just two Bloody Marys. Some people are victims of their self-imposed limitations.

It’s that part of Hamm that he’s able to translate into Don Draper, 40 Online Dating Habits You Need to Break By Leave the six-pack abs and “ghosting” to the kids. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. SIGN UP. GET YOUR FREE GIFT.

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Plus, read our review of the Season 6 premiere. What happened to Lane Pryce Jared Harris? Did Betty January Jones have cancer? What happened to Sally Kiernan Shipka at the museum? Don Draper Jon Hamm Don has married his former secretary, Megan, to whom he proposed after a trip with the kids to Disneyland at the end of Season Four.

Newly relocated to a fabulous Manhattan apartment, Don and Megan have more of a spark than Don and Betty had. The following day, as she angrily cleans up from the party, they engage in a sex game. Don and Megan take a trip together, but their marriage hits the skids along the way. The two have a terrible row about orange sherbet, and Don leaves Megan in a Howard Johnson parking lot.

He later has a sinking feeling, frantically calling the office in an effort to track her down. Don discovers Megan at home; he kicks down the door and menacingly chases her around the apartment, throwing her to the ground in their living room.

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