New, Progressive Approach to Having the “Talk” Revealed in New Book

A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy. D , is a licensed therapist and an expert on boys, men and masculinity. Smiler holds a master’s in clinical psychology and a Ph. D in developmental psychology. He authored ” Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of the promiscuous young male ” and co-authored ” The Masculine Self ” with renowned researcher Chris Kilmartin.

What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know

Keep your sense of humor! Be clear about your values. Before you speak with your child about sexuality, think about what your values are.

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Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health by Al Vernacchio A progressive, effective, and responsible approach to sex education for parents and teens that challenges traditional teaching models and instead embraces 21st century realities by promoting healthy sexuality, values, and body image in young people. Sex education today generally falls into one of two categories: This book creates a new category: With real-life examples from the classroom, exercises and quizzes, and a wealth of sample discussions and crucial information, Vernacchio offers a guide to sex education for the twenty-first century.

What does an orgasm feel like? Does masturbating have any long-term negative effects? Does alcohol kill brain cells? This simple manual answers their questions—honestly, simply, and reliably. Beyond the Big Talk: Haffner and Alyssa Haffner Tartaglione Every parent needs help in guiding their teenagers through the difficult adolescent years, when they face peer pressure, dating, alcohol, drugs, harassment, and pressure to have sex, among many issues.

Spirituality and Sexuality

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Debra W. Haffner has been a parenting educator for more than twenty-five years, regularly speaks to parent groups across the country, and appears frequently on national TV, including CNN, Today, and The O’Reilly holds a Master’s in Public Health from Yale University School of Medicine and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary.

Talking to Teen Girls About Sex How, when, and why parents should talk about sex with their teen daughter. As I recall it now, 25 years later, the conversation seemed more focused on fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the mechanics of reproduction which I already knew about than on the real issues in my head: My mother was a product of her time and had her own discomforts with frank discussions of intimacy and sex. Because of that, I was left to figure out when and with whom I would be intimate.

Times have changed, though. Now, experts advise parents to skip the big sex talk. Rather, sex education, much like every-thing else we teach our children, should be an ongoing conversation over the years. Begin with honest answers to basic questions about anatomy, eventually graduating to the clear articulation of your values about sex, dating , and relationships. Parents may worry that talking to their daughters about sex will lead to more sexual activity, but the opposite is true, says Debra W.

Communicating Sexual Values Tell your daughter what your values are: As you have these ongoing conversations, remember to talk about the real meaning of sex:

From Diapers to Dating: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children

We have talked about this at some point and discussed the fact that both he and his baby brother lived in my belly for several months; and then, when it was time for them to get out ‘be born’ , they came out! It was enough for several months. Now he wants to know the details – such as where did they come out from, and how they got there in the first place – all that good stuff! I would appreciate any advice on how to talk to a curious son of mine on the subject. Harris and Michael Emberley.

From Diapers to Dating: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children Buy the From Diapers to Dating: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children.

Jun 06, Photograph by Twenty20 As someone who writes about women’s health and sexuality for a living, I hold myself to certain standards where it comes to my daughter’s education. So I teach Em the names of all of her body parts. I try to avoid passing along feelings of body shame. And in an attempt to teach her about consent and agency, I don’t force her to kiss or hug anyone she does not want to kiss or hug.

She’ll be just two in about a month, so I don’t know how much benefit she gets from any of this. But I do know that the unhealthy messages of a culture that continuously fails its women have a way seeping in, softly and insidiously, almost by osmosis. And so I soldier on. Happily, teaching Em the location of her vulva has been a cakewalk. But as she approaches 2, I know things will get much more complicated much more quickly.

I’m going to have to teach her about things like gender and privacy. I’m going to have to teach her that Mommy likes to poop with the door closed for a reason, and that culturally established gender norms are not something with which she should concern herself. Luckily, I have a list of about eleventy billion books written solely to help children learn about their sexuality in an age appropriate way.

Books like Gail Saltz’s ” Amazing You!:

How To Be Your Kid’s ‘Go To’ Person About Sex – 3 MUST-DO’s

What do I do? We will consciously or unconsciously follow this manual unless we teach ourselves a new way. At the end I will give you a list of resources you can turn to for more information and guidance. If your kids are under the age of 8, check out these resources a.

From Diapers to Dating A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children – From Infancy to Middle School Debra W. Haffner Paperback published by Harper. Add an alert Add to a list. Add a alert. Enter prices below and click ‘Add’. You will receive an alert when the book is available for less than the new or used price you specify.

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Parenting Books for Raising Sexually Healthy Children

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Haffner (From Diapers to Dating), an ordained Unitarian minister, isn’t afraid to tackle the big questions, including drinking, drugs and teen while Haffner “tells it like it is,â.

Our goal is to promote wellness among area adolescents by providing teachers with evidence-based sexual health education, lesson plans and activities, and community resources. They are knowledgeable on a wide array of topics and subject matter and do a great job engaging the students. I highly recommend utilizing them as resources to aid in classroom discussion.

The organizations below are part of the Sexual Health Alliance: Linn and Johnson Description of services: Works with middle schools, high schools, and at-risk youth and adults. Johnson County Description of services: Johnson County Public Health offers sexual health education and prevention services to all individuals who live or work in Johnson County. Linn, Johnson and Scott Description of services: Works with detention centers, middle schools, high schools, substance abuse centers, etc in Linn, Johnson and Scott counties.

Topics covered include anything dealing with sexual health, such as anatomy, STIs, contraceptives, healthy relationships, etc. Johnson, Cedar, Iowa Description of services:

Three Things Girls Need From Their Fathers

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Every parent needs help in guiding their teenagers through the difficult adolescent years, when they face peer pressure, dating, alcohol, drugs, harassment, and pressure to have sex, among many issues.

Haffner’s new book for parents on helping children grow up to be sexually healthy men and women. Despite 20 years as a sexuality educator, she learned with her own kids the difference between theory and practice. I wasn’t prepared to handle my son’s newly circumcised penis several times a day. The year-old nonprofit organization publishes reports, teaching guides and other sexuality-related materials for professionals in medicine and education as well as for the public its Web site: Extending beyond sex ed and what she calls “The Big Talk,” Haffner’s book aims to help parents rear children who feel good about their bodies and about who they are as boys and girls.

All of this, she writes, may shape their ability to have good adult relationships. Even changing diapers offers what she calls a “teachable moment” to deliver positive–instead of negative–sentiments about the body and its functions. The book’s chapters take parents chronologically from childbirth to the preteen years, and each starts with questions parents should discuss and consider about values the family wants to impart. It is OK, Haffner said, if parents reveal that they don’t always share the same view; this also may serve as a lesson to children that people who love each other can disagree.

Haffner addresses issues and questions within the age groups in which they most typically surface, and as a busy mom and wife she understands that not every parent has time to read the whole book. She helpfully cross-references topics. Haffner’s book is largely apolitical but she does reveal in passing that she and her husband have feminist leanings:

Rev. Debra Haffner “It Gets Better”

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